Smart Voltage Tester Pen

Smart Voltage Tester Pen

The SAFEST & FASTEST way to repair damaged wires!

Instantly locates damaged wires…
Sensitive enough to locate even low voltage wires.
Can pinpoint the exact breakpoint of wires!
With a sound indicator that locates & identifies null or live wire.

Non-contact feature…

Allows you to check & locate even plugs & outlets without physically touching them with your hands.
Equipped with sensors that can locate abnormal or damaged electrical function.
Material is made from plastic that does not relay electricity even on contact.

Brings CONVENIENCE to the next level!

Saves a lot of money…
Instead of spending too much for professional wire repair, you can locate and rewire your house without the fear of electrocution.
By locating and identifying damaged outlets or wires, you can save yourself from any kind of electrical trouble caused by faulty wire connections.

Compact Size & Saves a lot of space…

Very handy and you can bring it anywhere!
Does not consume too much storage space when not in use.
You can use it outdoors, at home, or use it as a professional tool for your job.

Very easy to use…

No complicated instructions involved.
Perfect for both DIY repair enthusiasts & professionals.
Just point to the outlet or wire and it will automatically identify if it is damaged or not.


Offers wide testing range (48-1000V AC)
High-definition LCD screen with battery indicator.
Buzzer sound feature & flashlight.


Material: ABS
Size: 6.5 inch x 1.04 inch
Weight: 28 g
Colors Available: Black / Yellow

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